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Thomas 18Bravo18 Bravo has 18 years of U.S. Army Special Operations experience, serving in the Ranger’s as an assault team leader, over 10 years in Special Forces as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (18Bravo), in PSYOPs as a Detachment Sergeant, and in several other special operations units. It was during this service that he developed his personal philosophy of “relentless pursuit of excellence”.

He has conducted special operations in Africa, strategic reconnaissance in Eastern Europe, and strategic security operations in over a dozen European countries. 18Bravo was the founder and commander of a military Special Operations Counter-Drug Detachment conducting joint military/Law Enforcement operations with Federal, State, and Local agencies in the War on Drugs.

18Bravo has extensive experience in the operation and employment of both U.S. and foreign light and heavy weapons and has provided weapons and tactics training to U.S. and foreign military units, Federal Agencies, and all levels of Law Enforcement organizations. He was also a Special Operations cold weather operations instructor, survival instructor, and military academy tactics instructor.

Following his military service he continued to provide firearms training as an NRA certified pistol instructor and State of Tennessee certified Handgun instructor. He uses his expertise from military operations planning to provide Emergency Operations planning and preparation to organizations as a FEMA certified Emergency Operations specialist, and he also provides individuals, families, and organizations training on Disaster Preparedness as a Red Cross Disaster Services instructor.

He has combined his military Special Operations experience with his civilian Emergency Operations experience to develop his unique “Always Ready” philosophy designed for American veterans, law enforcement, and concerned citizens to be prepared for, and to respond to, threats to our American Way of Life. He continues to enhance his knowledge and skills of weapons and their employment as a weapons specialist and firearms instructor, and through participation in Multi-Gun competition, long range precision shooting, hunting, and recreational shooting.